Preon and itp A3 heads are interchangeable?

Anyone knows if the threads in the head on both Preon (1 or 2) and itp A3 eos are the same?

The driver board looks the same, at least. Even the head diammeter (external) is almost the same

So, can the head of the itp be installed in a preon body or viceversa, a preon head in an itp body?


I had both.

Now have neither, the Preon got traded and the itp got lost.

I never even occurred to me to try this, I'd guess not, but you never know.

So you have lost some lights as I know: itp and ultrafire U20...

OK; I have seen photos and preon threads looks a bit "diagonal" similar to minimag head threads...

mmm would be interesting a 2xaaa body tube for the itp A3

I have both and they are interchangeable.

Oh! Yesss


I know the Quark MiniX 123 and itp A1 are interchangable.

Yes, lot of info about that on the web... thanks

And FWIW in terms of “Legoing”—Kreisler has posted that these 3 ALL have interchangeable heads:

iTP A3
Lumintop Worm Alu
Tank007 E09

All 3 are interchangeable? Interesting. I have the itp and the tank. But no need to lego, at all

+ 1

add Fenix LD01 and Bronte RA01 and Tank E10 and Tank E11. I somewhere —i think in the Worm review thread and the E09 review thread— posted pix of E09 body with all these heads. The threads are not 100% the same and thread length differs but if you take for example the E09 body as base: it has the longest male threads, and all these heads would screw on fine and work well: E09, E10, E11, RA01, LD01, ITP A3, Worm. And i'd think that the Olight i3 fits okay too, operational.