Pretty good ebay deal on regulated warm white 18650 light

I bought this:

and it turned out much better than expected, esp for the price. It's a quite warm (really 3000K at most, suspect 2700k) cree xr-e with only 1 mode, but surprisingly it's regulated with proper AX2002 instead of DD as expected, should be able to use 2x16340 (or even more if you find an extension somehow) though I didn't try yet. The head is stainless steel and the "jade inspection" design does block some spill but not too bad (the outer spill is reflected back slightly, so there's actually two spill zones). No spring on + side so protected only, and curiously w/o the spring unprotected cell don't even make contact w/ a magnet because it's too short.

Overall quality of a $15 dollar item for half the price. Recommended if you like warm lights.