Pretty incredible deal on the Ultrafire UF-H2 (similar to Zebra H501), Only $16

Mine seems to arrive next week together with the UF-2100 XM-L 3 mode bought from DD, hope everything is ok and I´ll made a small review. I received today from DinoDirect order 910S3375-DD that´s a C1 tube SKU:A13930000I and 2 Trustfire Flames with a charger SKU:A06740000K, and for my disapointment one of the batteries are dead. Hope Semur can help me with this problem, I already open a RMA.

Try charging the dud battery. The protection has probably tripped.

Got two without the boxes. No problem, less garbage.

I think the most has been said before and they work perfectly.

Thanks a lot for the deal!

Wow, I should check out this sub-forum more often, this flashlight looks amazing at $16...too bad I missed it.

Ive wanted one in that shape for a looooooooooooong time where the head part is at a right angle. I wish more flashlights were like this because its kind of rare.

did try to set one up here on our kiwi forum, but did not get much support.

Not sure if the coupon still works or not


Doesn't work anymore.

Dam, i missed this :(. Ordered A KD c8, a DRY and as finishing touch a great headlight as this would have finished it all off :). Gonna check this subforum more often!


They should do a group buy again for this baby. Im sure will be a real success (again).

I know I want some ...


I would get one.

UFH3 is better

Gurus in Electronics: any idea where I could get a new micro-switch for my firends UF-H2?

His boy ate the rubber cap and smashed an apple with the light : light is constantly on / ramping :bigsmile:

Rubber caps needed also, thanks!!

i missed it..

i've ordered a UF headband instead..

I wouldnt mind on buying one either, so Im waiting :D!

If you can get it for under US$40 delivered (including all taxes/fees) it is very well worth the money. If you can't. Buy a Zebralght H50/51 (r whatever the numbers are up to these days)

By around 7 months ;-)

i heard that the parasitic drain is quite substantial (e.g. after 4 weeks) ;)

Yep, if you forget to lock it out... threads are anodized. 1 or 2 turns at the tailcap stops parasitic drain.

Any more good group buys going on, or planned for soon?

I was going to say yes, but having read the caution above by the person who wrote

> PWM ... definitely not for use as a headlight for when I'm working in the workshop....

> ... not fun at all with a strobing light.

I'd've skipped it.

Not to mention it's an old long-dead topic that got revived somehow.

Thanks but for 30$ Id rather get Fenix HL21, not quite the same versatility form-factor wise as H2, but still from reputable brand and much better looking spec-wise IMO for that price+has warranty.

If it goes on sale for 16$ then I might consider, tho some comments regarding switch issues and PWM made me wonder+short battery life on HI with NiMh (~1.5h?!) is not that steller either!