Pretty nice discount from on the TK75

HKEquipment just posted a pretty sweet coupon code on TFF for the TK75 if anyone is looking for one of these beauties.

Link to details

That’s a really good price! :slight_smile:

Paid less

good price but for how long? before the MAP police from Fenix catch on…

Thanks Johnny

Yea maybe we shouldn’t be talking about it so much OR posting what the discounted price is…

You click the listed price[$199] and go to checkout and then put the promo code in, “tk75off ”

And that is what I have made for you, you can just read the discounted price in my post.
I hate deal reports without mentioning the price, that’s the whole point.

There is a reason dealers have to structure and advertise promotions a certain way. It might take an extra step, but it is generally for your benefit.

The point is to not advertise the price, thereby violating MAP policy. It’s called not being lazy and using one’s head to protect dealers that offer us prices better than MAP. The last thing you want is for them to lose their distributorship and or stop offering better prices. Please delete the final price in your post.

You hate it when people post deals without showing the final price. The rest of us hate it when people do what you did and ruin everything for everyone else. Lose it or I will have to delete the entire thread and no one gets a nice deal. Make sense?

That’s a beautiful flashlight from Fenix. I love looking at its textures. :stuck_out_tongue:

Delete your post with the price Werner, there’s a reason no one else said the discounted price in this thread…

One extra step then you will see the discounted price. Why some are having so much complaint. I would be thankful when someone post a great deal for all of us.

You all need really to calm down.
It’s just a flashlight…

In future I will always send an email to the manufacturer and ask if this harms their policies :wink:

And what may lionhearts advice be???

Do not worry, I will not be posting anymore prices,that is not my job,I was only trying to help and now realize that it was a mistake! :wink:

To answer your question? YES, A TK-75 IS WORTH IT!! You would have to have one to appreciate it,I won’t mention the price I got mine for!! lol! :smiley:

To delete something in your quoting of werner :wink:

Feel free to post the price you paid, I just opened a specific thread on that. :bigsmile:

Don’t even make me think on a flashlight in the three digits numbers range … considering to delete my account in BLF before its to late :Sp :slight_smile:

Thx JohnnyMac.

You are NOT to clear!! The only quote I made of werners was trying to help him find the price after the coupon!!!

WTF is wrong with that!!!

This is becoming a little to petty for me!! lol!

In your quote was the Werner Post in which several have issues with. I’m assuming they want you to delete the price in that quote.

Thanks for helping me out and getting that cleared. Nothing is wrong, I personally don’t mind about the mentioning of the price at all, but after Werners deletion I thought it would have been a good idea to point on the remaining quote. Please let me apologize, didn’t want to be too unclear and confuse you and neither was my intention to mess that thread up…