Price half down for new released flashlight on!

Hi BLFers,

Sofirn SC18 EDC flashlight is released on 50%off (30%off code+20%off coupon)

The original price: $29.99

The deal price: $14.99

Basic features: It uses one 18650 3000mAh battery, designed with USB C charging port and TIR lens.


If you're interested in and need codes, please let me know.


I would like a code please, thanks

Code please. Thanks!

Code please. Thanks!

I would like a code Thanks

I too would appreciate the code. thank you

Oy! Code please and thanks!

I’d love a code!

Code please!!

I’d like the code, please. Thank you very much!

Code please, Thanks!

I’d like a code also, Thanks.

Please PM me a code. Thanks.

Code please. Thanks!

Code please and thank you.

Code please

I would like a code. Thanks.

Please send me a code.

I would like a code but is anyone getting them?