Printed Lenses Luxexcel

There is a company which can print lenses, for prototyping optics.

I saw the company *Luxexel *on a trade show. They are from the netherlands.
They print lenses for custom optics. They claim they are the only one worldwide.
but I don’t know the max size and how heat resitance is,

180 x 380 x 20 mm and 60°C
Examples under

I don’t know prices. But they use it on LEDs.

Has anybody experience with this products? I am a 100% noob in optics. Thoughts about it?

Depending on the price, maybe that is sth. for the modders?

Judging by the price of their sample kit, I think it’s gonna be cost prohibitive for many of us here on BLF. The sample kit alone is £199 and it looks like you get about 5 lenses. Neat technology, we just need it to come down in price!

Yeah, pricy but I think the price for the samples is so high to keep ordinary people of, aimed for companys. And if some do this as a job you can get lenses and reflectors coustom made in days. (if you are in Europe).