Private section?

Hey guys,

I was just wondering it it would be a good idea to create a private sub-forum that only veteran members could access. This place has become very close to me, and thought that it would be nice to have a private section to share our deeper thoughts. :slight_smile:

Then I suggest that to be among the chosen you must have first signed up at BLF before 09-08-2012

That’s a terrible idea. This website already has a list of Gods as it is. Last thing we need is a members only section.

How about a Pay to access only? I have seen that on other forums, and it works pretty well. A onetime Donation to the site towards its operational expenses and you can be granted access. A tiered level system could be designed.

With all due respect Ryansoh3 (I'm a big fan of yours), I don't like the idea at all. BLF is a very special place to me too. One of the special things about it is that for the most part we are all equal here. A change like that could impact the whole culture that is now BLF. Even if I were allowed to be in the Veteran area, I would stay out here.

I think it would be a bad idea. It would tend to isolate and form clicks, which is something we don't want. I think the diversity here is what sets this forum apart, good and bad, it makes BLF what it is.

Nah, this place is cleeky enuf already :wink:

And any deeper thoughts you might wish to share or contemplate can be tossed around in PM’s. :wink:

I'd like to see the ability for thread starters to moderate their own threads, that is, to delete irrelevant posts. That would be good for vendors and companies, or members that really don't want their threads to go off topic. Having a fee for this privilege would be fair.

Not a good idea in my opinion. One of the best things about this board to me is the diverse and inclusive community, which is what makes it stand out in a sea of similar sites. Also, it’s a web site, not a country club.

Only if the sub forum has really nice mahogany paneling . And really comfortable oversized leather chairs . And lots of musty old books lining every shelf . And pipe smoking only , no cigarettes , cigars or vaping . ( We could perhaps make a tobacco chewing area on a tree-shaded patio overlooking the lake ... ) A large sign on the wall that says " SILENCE IS GOLDEN " to remind everyone that this is a place of contemplation , of quiet repose . This would be a special place to nourish profundity and deep thinking .

We'll of course need to have a fairly steep annual fee to keep out undesirables as well .

Those with shaved lips will be denied entry.

What needs to be hidden from a new user?

I like the way you think , leaftye , Would you care to join me for a brandy on the veranda ?

Or a scotch in the billiard room ...

Perhaps a whiskey and a lively game of darts ?

You have PS4 too???


when you make a special place for several peoples that will be a separate yourself to others.
i think that was a bad idea :~
every person is special imo

I know some of my posts have been way off topic or confusing but with such a huge diverse amount of people with different personalities has solved many a problem not just for me but other members as well and 8 would hate to see it go the way of elitism like C#F .

Nahhhh....reminds me of the modding over at the "other" place.

It's sickening when you are swooped down upon from "above".

That's one thing I hated and still hate about CPF.

This place is perfect just as it its.