Problem with Eagletec 3400's & intellicharge i4 V2

Just received 2 Eagletac 3400’s so checked them first with the meter before charging and they were 3.62v each.
Put them into my Nitecore Intellicharge V2 however they started charging OK for a while then the charging LED’s go out as if there’s no batteries inserted. When initially inserted the charger correctly displayed 1 led then 2 as the voltage increased.
If I keep re-inserting them it does increase the amount of voltage. The batteries are up to 4.14v at the minute however the charger will switch off after 5 minutes!
To rule out the charger I’ve just charged my AW 2900’s without any issues.
I’m assuming that it’s duff protection IC’s on the 2 batteries. Surely I can’t be that unlucky?
Any help would be greatly appreciated

They will last longer that way. I'm not sure why that's happening though, the same thing happens with mine.

Try it in another charger

Not really an option how2 as I only have the i4.

I could be the circuit protection kicking in, you may nedd to buy a cheap charger for $5 and test it on that.

Wasn’t i4 the best charger for you, kreishill? :bigsmile: