Problem with IntlOutdoor CREE XM-L LED reflector positioning gasket

Hi. i bought
Problem is, that in every pill I have (different sources) it is too lose by 0.4mm so it is unable to center the diode. It is moving sideways.
How you handle this?


Their are two purposes of that thing. First, it prevents the reflector from shorting out the LED wires. Second, the reflector opening will often sit on top of it but not always. If it doesn't it won't do much to position the LED.

Add kapton tape to the edge to add those 0.4mm in total.

Don’t tell me you can see 0.4mm as badly positioned when looking at the beam? :bigsmile:

I just want to do that right.
Centering gasket from Solarforce M3 I’m modding fits tight.
I thought, that ones I bought too. I was mistaken.
Luckily those for XP-G2 I bought fit tight.