Problems fancy flashlights [Solved]

Hi all!

Ordered a BTU Shocker from fancy flashlights 8 mars, but still haven’t get any flashlight…
Try to contact them a couple of times but doesn’t get any answer… Should a be worried?

Have contacted them at this adresses

Not until another week or so, did you ever get shipping info?

Only get a mail say that they get my payment.
Then nothing… But i think it’ strange that they have a costumerservice that you don’t get any answer from…

if you paid with paypal consider putting in a claim soon

Perhaps you can try contacting them this time.

Do they actually respond to Business messages function within the order? I had left messages relating to some defective orders and there were no responses…

It took almost 5 weeks for me to get my DRY age they said they shipped it. Other times I had my order in 2-3 weeks. You never know how long it will take.

A similar thing happened with one of my orders. My BTU shipped quick.
It can be frustrating. As with any Paypal transaction, do not let it go past 45 days before opening a claim. Send an email that informs him when you will be doing this, maybe that will get his attention.

Did you check your junk folder?

I place a lot of orders overseas and 2 to 3 weeks maybe a month in not unheard of, but as already said with paypal I would wait another week then make a claim…

It took about a month to get my Dry. Since then I've ordered a couple of drivers, one from CN Quality Goods, the other from Fancy Flashlights. Both took about about 2 weeks to get here. It's hit and miss with CN Quality Goods / Fancy Flashlights. They don't have a good record of responding to questions from my experience

Starting to regret a didn’t buy thru paypal, so i could open a dispute.

If you paid with your credit card you can file a claim with them

Ric finally answer my email… But had to use a “dirty” trick…

Simply marked my subject field “want to order btu shocker” than he answers.

That say alot of where the interest is… But for all you others try that next time you have a “problem”

To solve the problem :party: :party:

What was your previous subject?

I don’t think you could be more clearly then that…

Last week I emailed cnqualitygoods to modify the shipping address of an order I'd just placed with fancyflashlights. Ric replied to me that same day and put in the address change, no problems.

Maybe he woke up when we started to speak about him here…
He is a very nice guy… But he needs to answer All emails when people have problems with there orders… Not only some…


i ordered a BTU Shocker light too and try to email Ric by mail, but both emails didn`t work.
Do somebody knows a working email for contact?