programmable DIY driver?


why isn’t there a driver with pins or USB and a software to let the user choose how the Flashlight works?

I can’t imagine that would cost a lot more….

Great, make one and share it :slight_smile:

unfortunately that is out of my league :frowning:

WTS - 3 Light package blowout deal - Skyray 9T6, O-L 3AA Mag, Flex Asgard, $90 shipped CONUS Bluetooth instead of USB, but same concept. It was a flop and now out of production (not due to the concept, but mostly because of buggy software used to program the thing).

The driver will fit in things other than just the ZY-T08 format too:

The World’s Most Advanced AMC7135 * 8 Driver

Great, but how do you get one?

he asked is there a driver, not how do I get a driver :evil:

No, but could you imagine a driver that could re-flash an onboard ATtiny using this module (maybe as a small daughter board)

7.4 x 7.0 x 1.0mm (SMD type with built-in antenna)

Those some super secret iC’s your developing there WarHawk? Why the blured parts lol?

Oh, well in that case, I have a driver that can be flashed direct from your brain just by thinking at it. It's available in exactly the same quantities as the other one.