Project: SUNLIKE LT1 board (Option for 660nm Red)

Update 08/08/21: I’ve contacted LampMan via Email and he says the LT1 boards have been sent to production and he should receive them in September. He apologizes for the lengthy time it has taken.

Update 03/23/21:

Seems like LampMan is bringing this to the preorder phase

If you are interested, please go to his website here and order the specification you want. He will send you an email to pay and once we get 10 orders/payments, the design/testing phase will begin.

Based on LampMan’s history on BLF and the favorable tests of his products on BLF, I believe this project is in good hands.

I’ve been speaking to BelMORDOR (LampMan) who makes the sunlike bulbs about a replacement LED board for the LT1.

He would create and sell a board with 16+16 2700k/5000k sunlike 2835 SOL emitters with a CRI of around 98.
You could also choose your own tints from 2700k, 3000k, 3200k, 4000k, 5000k, and even 5600k if you wanted to.
660nm Red will be available

With 16 of each emitter, efficiency would also go up, by my calculations the LT1 would run about 1000 Lumens with 7 amc7135s active instead of the 840ish it currently makes. With more emitters spread out and each individual emitter being less intense, the glare and the harsh spots like these should also be reduced significantly.

Efficiency should also increase slightly and the top of the lantern should run a bit cooler with the base being just a tiny bit warmer which is desirable since currently the top of the current LT1 heats up a lot much more than the base. Runtimes would not change since the 7135s let through the same current but will burn off more voltage since these have a lower Vf than LH351Ds.

Tint should be pretty decent. It looks like there will be a bit of green when only one set of emitters is active, but that will quickly disappear when you start tint mixing.

It seems like this could be done with the final cost being about $12 a board+$4 shipping. This would be designed as a direct replacement for the LT1. Buyers would need to hex key, screwdriver, soldering iron, and some thermal paste to do the swap.

Edit: looks like the price would be closer to $14 + $6 for shipping+$1 to cover the PP fee ($21 total)

What do you guys think?

I don’t know how much of a difference this will make since the LT1 already has some pretty good emitters. Perhaps someone who has used some sunlike bulbs can chime in. This is an incremental improvement and I don’t know how visible/noticeable the difference will be but $16 is not a bad price.

Sure there might be slightly better emitters out there but I think this might be the only shot to getting something like this made and available to everyone.

I’ll keep an interest list in this thread, let me know if you’re interested or your thoughts for how you would do this differently.

I am not super knowledgeable about tints (green and rosiness) so some input by you guys would be very valuable.

Edit: If you would really like to see this come to fruition, make an order on Sunlike’s website.

Interest List

1. Sunnysunsun
2. BarryBaltimore
3. TMaxxJJ
4. shirnask
5. shirnask
6. shirnask
7. shirnask
8. Djozz
9. atobe
10. atobe
11. chrisddo
12. chrisddo
13. Argro
14. iamlucky13
15. MtnDon

I’m interested, but I really want 2200K/3000K for my LT1.

I’m checking in with BelMORDOR to see if anything warmer than 2700K would be possible. He said 2250K isn’t possible but I’m checking if that’s an absolute no.

Edit: seems like 2700K will be the lowest cct available.

ok. Just LampMan :face_with_monocle:

s. BelMORDOR it is BELARUS. Based on this picture :smiley:

sorry, only 2700k. You can get ~2600k by using poorly transparent diffuser

If you worry about blue, so

This topic was discussed earlier in the hundreds of LT1 pages but I don’t believe it ever came to fruition *BLF LT1 Lantern Project) (updated Nov,17,2020) - #11099 by iamlucky13

I need correct +/- 0.5mm

Of course. Let’s see how much interest there is first. If there’s enough interest for you to think it’s worth making, then we can get into the specifics of everything. I don’t have a pair of calipers around me at the moment so I don’t want to rely on myself to get the +/-0.5mm correct measurement.

even if you are alone, I will draw it for 100$
after that I can order PCBs and stencil

Price :money_mouth_face:

In this time (cose you payed for prototyping) pcb will cost the same price with factory ~1$

ordinary price is 2.5$ for Ø65x2mm плата для 15-60шт SunLike SOL 2835 Ø65x2mm 2oz 4P15S



I might be ineterested in a 16+16 2700k / 5600K but that’s if it’s the actual whole light. As for just the board itself, it depends if I can get someone to fit it for me. How much better will the tint be compared to the original? The LH531Ds are not know for being rosy so I’m guessing these will look a lot better.

Interested in 4

Tint wise, I don’t actually know. Come to think of it, I have no problems with the current LT1 tint. This would help reduce the harshness of having just 4 LEDs.

From speaking to Barry at sofirn, I don’t think sofirn would be willing to do it. They seem to care more about the scale of things compared to Hank or Simon who will custom make anything. Barry is always talking about workers being too busy at the factory.

SunLike SOL 2835 4000k spectrums:

Maukka’s results:

Definitely interested!

With this picture Ø is 63mm and 29.5mm between holes and 6.5mm middle hole

I sent a message to DBSAR to see if we can get the exact measurements of the LT1 board. How did you come to those measurements? Did you read them somewhere or did you look at the photograph and estimate it out?

it was easy :disguised_face:
I know that size of the leds is 3.5mm :student:

The sizes came from me, as quoted from the LT1 thread:

And I sure am in for one of these boards, but the value would be much better for me if it had the combination of 5000K and 2250K Sunlike leds.

so… it is not samsung LH351D what is 3535 size

if 28mm from each other, it is 19.8mm from the center…