Project: SUNLIKE LT1 board (Option for 660nm Red)

I would also prefer somewhere around 2000k + 5000k if at all possible

no. only 6w 35v COB can be 2200k

Hey BelMOR, do you think it would be possible to move the LEDs closer to the centre of the light? This would help make the glare softer since the light will have more room to spread out before it hits the diffuser

Space is limited but every little bit away from the edge helps

LampMan :person_facepalming:

Need additional space to outside leds negative contacts

LEDs closer to the middle of the light like in my photo. Further away from the edge would be best I think

ok. After payment

I’m interested in 2

This one Looks very promising.

I would like to do this in a group buy format. If we have enough interest for 100 pcs, you would then make a prototype, send it out to someone like Djozz who has the testing equipment to double check that it functions well with the LT1. Once he gives the green light that it’s ready, you would get the boards made, assembled, then list them on your website.

You can add in your fee onto each board (so maybe $1 per board?) to recuperate your costs for designing the boards rather than having one person carry the entire burden for the design fee. I think the $16-17 shipped price is a reasonable price at which people would buy the boards at, are you alright with it?

I would only like this project to go ahead if we can garner enough interest to make it worthwhile for you to make it and sell it at a reasonable cost.
Are you okay with this proposal BelMOR?

I’d find this very interesting thread here:

And like to ask, if an complete LT1R with already installed SUNLIKE LT1 board might be possible?
I would be definetely interested then. Sure in for 2 copies with 2700K and 660nm red if complete assembled with LT1.

But swapping the existing board out and a new one in with having a useless spare one wouldn’t be for me.

In this format, Torontos, price will be another.

2.5$ for pcb + 1.5 for soldering + 9.6$ for leds + 6 for shipping of any quantity (any order)

s. call me LampMan, Canad :person_facepalming:

Put me down for 2 please. Thank You.

2700k + 660 or 630nm ?

yes, I can solder red 2835 leds, but I need to buy it first

I know. Logistically it might be somewhat difficult to coordinate. Sofirn doesn’t seem very flexible especially for small orders from what I’ve seen and read. I’d imagine there would be a lot of hassle trying to coordinate this from the factory.
The best I expect they might be willing to do is sell the LT1 without the MCPCB or LEDs

it is possible to buy it from factory? I need 1pcs to test it. Shipping inside China

This is the cheapest option I believe. It’s a nice lantern and I do recommend them to people. I think we will have enough interest to get this project going but I cannot be certain we will reach 100 pieces of interest at this point.

50$ :cry:

In for 1.
2700+4000 though I might actually put different warm LEDs so I could go lower, ideally to 1800K or 2000K.

Looks like the outer ring could fit another 4-8 LEDs for a small efficacy / output bump…

I brought up the idea of having 4 more warm emitters than cool ones to LampMan and he said the two colours have similar brightnesses so it would offset the balance.

I’m trying to keep the total cost as far below $20 as possible since the LT1 is only $50 on its own.