Prolight PBEB

PBEB is a quite unusual family of LEDs from Prolight, in a 4757 package.


  • They allow you to power each die individually
    • There’s a variant with tunable CCT
  • Super low thermal resistance, 0.7 K/W (XHP70.2 has 0.9 K/W)
  • CRI 67 cool or 90 warm or a mix of these two
  • They bin at double the current of XHP50.2, even higher than XHP70.2
  • Rated to handle 4.5A per die (XHP70.2 is rated to handle 2.4A per die)
  • Inefficient (57 lm/W at 4.5A/die, 92 lm/W at 1.4 A/die) with CRI67 - CRI90 is much worse than that.