Promotion-XTAR WK25 CREE XR-E Q4 105Lm AA Flashlight(Only available for 7 days)

Hello Guys, special promotion is coming!!! Tongue out

Time Limited: From March 11th to 18th,2011 (PT).

For XTAR WK25 CREE XR-E Q4 105Lm AA Flashlight, all BLFers will get 20% off, including shipping. Anyone who is interested in it, please contact us and don't forget to leave your BLF ID.


Thank you for the nice promotional offer. That's a good looking little 1xAA torch. Is there a promotional code that we need to enter to get the discount?

the light looks good but emitter maybe a bit old, anyway thanks

Hi Match,

Thanks for your reply.

Please email me at <> or send me message on BLF for the quantity of the XTAR WK25 flashlight you need. Then we will send money request via PayPal. Thanks.

krikstas, you are right. The emitter maybe a bit old, but this flashlight is BRIGHT. And it uses a AA alkaline battery, very convenient for EDC use. Thanks.