Protected 18650 batteries and 4.35v charging: possible?


I’m looking at protected Samsung ICR18650-30B and LG D1 batteries, which can be charged up to 4.35v with the bare version. My concern is the protection circuit added to the batteries.

A guide from HKJ suggests some old protection circuits trip at 4.26v. Read towards the end…

As I’ve only a normal 4.2v charger, I was wondering whether it would be worth it to purchase a 4.35v charger. Would the battery protection circuit allow up to 4.35v?

You really won’t know until you test, or the vendor gives you an answer.

Without being able to charge to 4.35 means those cells will be mediocre. I suggest not getting them if you cannot charge to 4.35

I’ve never seen a protected 4.35V cell where the PCB allowed charging to 4.35V.
Even Keeppower didn’t get it right.

I’ve been a heavy user of 4.35V batteries until recently, but always unprotected. Today, cells like SDI 30Q and NCR GA make 4.35V batteries rather pointless unless you discharge only with a few 100 mA.

LG D1 makes sense in a 2amp XPG2 light. (Weapon light)

Well I just looked at the protected Samsung 30B page on Fasttech.

Someone had asked why it was rated at 4.2v on product page. Help desk replied its due to the protection circuit cutting off at 4.2v. Oh well the batteries are already shipped.

The do make 4.35v protection chips. Whether any of the chinese rewapper companies bother to use the correct chips, is another matter. :expressionless:

Sorry, I don’t have 2A curves for the D1, but 3A and 5A: