Protected Cell, protection differences?

Lately we are witnessing the deluge of ‘protected’ li-Ion cells going into the market at prices unheard of before. While most base cells used are the well-respected Panasonic, Samsung, LG and Sanyo brands, would anyone here know how does the ‘protection’ circuits of these new, inexpensive ‘protected’ cells, quality and safety-wise, compare to those of the much more expensive AW, Redilast and Callies Customs protecteds? What explains the substantial price difference between these protected cells? Is quality and safeness compromised with these inexpensive newcomers?

HKJ is probably the man that’d be able to shed some light on the matter (see what I did there?)

I sort of asked HKJ this question on his last battery test but so far have not received a reply. I’m also curious about how good the protection is on quality cells but at a budget price with protection.

Protection circuits can vary in there ability to handle current, some circuits won’t handle as much current as others.
Never checked but I wonder if any store uses fake circuits to cut costs.
Not wanting to start any rumours 0:)

Correct and that is why testers tests such as HKJ’s is invaluable. In this day and age there should be no surprises.

You guys’ concerns are my corcern too. I quite worried about the proliferation of these protected cells, at prices at are IMO ‘too good to be good’ perhaps?