Protected Li-Ion Batteries and Charger

Hey Guys

I'm trying to get some protected Li-Ion batteries, charger and multimeter reader.

I have look at quite a number of forums and I can't seem to find a conclusion on what to get. I would prefer quality over budget as many people has pointed out that Li-ON batteries are to be taken seriously and carefully. These were my initial list.

TrustFire Protected 18650
TrustFire Protected 14500

Digital Li-Ion 18650 Battery Charger
Ultrafire WF-139 Charger

No idea. Please advice.

However after some reading on CLF, most agreed on the Pila IBC Charger and the AW Protected range. I had a look around the internet but unsure which seller has the best reputation, price and shipping to AU. Hobby King and some other advanced type chargers would be out of the question for me right now as I'm building my knowledge slowly.

Thanks all.

AW cells are very expensive for what you get, there are other cells that perform better for less money.The Pila charger is expensive to get if you don't live in the US. The cells you mention should be fine. I don't know about the first charger, but the second one is very commonly used - it tends to be what I use myself unless I have lots of cells to charge.

I know Don. They are so expensive. I think I got confused by all the readings at CLF. They don't seem to advocate on budget products. Most of them are expensive and better quality. Should I also get a multimeter to be ready for the world of Li-Ion?

Xtar WP2 is a good charger worth considering. It costs around $17, shipped, on ebay. If I were to buy 18650 cells right now, then I'd go for Hi-MAX cells. They seem to perform well and they had a good reputation last time I checked.

It is a very good idea. It doesn't need to be anything expensive - the sort of digital meter sold for a few dollars all over the place will be just fine. It is wise to keep an eye on voltages to get a feel for when a cell should be recharged or when it is overcharged.

Hi, where can I get them?

Something like this will do, Don?

And don't just buy it. Barter first. :)

Either should get the job done. If you ever feel the need for something fancier, you'll know why and will have lost little initial investment. It can be incredibly handy owning several meters later, but for the moment either of those ought to do the trick.

from what ive read those Hi-max cells are mint. but after my luck with trustfire 18650s, i wonder if i would be screwed if i bought those too

i recently purchased Tenergy 18650s, im waiting for those to arrive, since ive had very good luck with their D and C Ni-mh.

also i have the Trustfire Charger from DX. Tr002

i have had good luck with that and the dual bank version. just watch your voltages and use protected batteries

also ordered the hobby king charger for quicker charges (Don, please refer a link if you can, i lost it)

Here, but negotiate the price using the best offer thingy instead of just hitting "buy now".

I have got sku 20392 with sku 6105 and I am very happy with it the charger is very conservative but I check it with a multimeter just to be save ,the 18650 are good but the outer shell is a bit fragile , I put a second layer of shrink tubing around it .

Thanks guys. Thanks SPAMBOT.

Anyway I've asked quite abit of questions already, last question I promise...

Ultrafire WF-139
Trustfire TR-001
Ultrafire WF-188

Which one really?

The only one I have of those is the WF-139 but from the enthusiastic reception here, I'd go for the XTAR.

Of the chargers I have the Xtar WP2 is the best choice right now.

I have the aformentioned WP2, DX sku.13820 (basically 6105 with EU plug) from '09, Soshine SC1, 3x Trustfire TR-001 from '08, Ultrafire WF-139 & WF-138 from '08.

sku.13820 charges to 4.20V and terminates the charge every time but it is kind of slow and you never know if you will get the same charger when you order one, DXs suppliers are known to change the design without warning. The Xtar WP2 has a separate power supply so it does not heat up the cells uneccesarily during the charge, it charges to 4.20V and from what I've read it also terminates the charge properly. The WP2 costs more, but it has a better design and you know what you will get if you order one.

Can't comment of the WF-188 since I do not own one, it looks like a versatile charger with LiFePO4 support.

Trustfire TR-001, one decent two pure crap, different batches... Trickle charges, albeit slowly.

Ultrafire WF-139, turns on the green lights at 4.10V but continues to charge slowly up to 4.25V. Heats upp when charging two cells at the same time. Long 18650 does not fit.

Soshine SC1, overcharges and uses a strange pulse charging method. Do not buy!

Beware of that autorange multimater if you want to measure current draw one day:

DC Current: 200uA, 2000uA, 20mA, 200mA

I know there is a dirty joke in there somewhere, but I just can't come up with one. Any volunteers?

There was none from me. Honest! Like:

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