Protective Transport Case For 6-8+ Throwers + 16 Spare Batteries

I want to get a protective transport case for all my throwers of similar size.
Something to hold 6-8 lights with bezels similar in size to the Acebeam K70, TN42, TK75 etc.
The lights would be laid out side by side head down-head up, four wide/two deep.
I was thinking a size 6”tall x 18”wide x 16”deep.

I like Pelican, but there are other quality brands of lesser price. Please keep this in mind :+1:
Suggestions on what to look at, pictures of your thrower case for ideas, those are good too.

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Seahorse Case SE720

I bought the 1600 model for $159/shipped
Order Date 2/7/2018
Shipped 2/9/2018
Deliverery 2/14/2018

Not mine, but saw it recently:

Sam’s Club has been having cases like this in recent months

Seahorse makes similar cases with great pricing.

My local specialty electronics store had them on display next to microphones and test equipment.

I’ll edit my OP above and add suggestions.
Thanks all for your help :+1:

Not sure if they are still available—-two weeks ago at our local Sams —they had that large one with wheels and also one about 12x16x8 for $30

I like that price! :smiley: :+1:

tbh I would just wait for a Pelican of the size you want to go on sale, or look on amazon or B&H to see if there is a cheaper price.
You pay for the best quality and engineering, and IMO it’s worth it.