Pull the trigger on this HD2010 or not

Hello I’ve received a $20 credit from dealextreme’s Black Friday Carnival today and its just burning a whole in my pocket.

I’ve read rave reviews on the HD2010, and it really appeals to me as a purchase. It also seems like there has been some comments relating to clone issues, mainly drivers. So I’m new to this whole gig and scratching my head over this light not wanting to buy a ‘bad’ version. Has anyone bought this particular one and preferably from DX, if so is it one of the good models? It seems like the one one tmart has been receiving good props and its cheaper but I don’t have the freebie credit with them. The only reason I was looking at the model on DX was because of the new credit.

Ideally I would use my credit for a 26650 battery at DX and grab the light at tmart but since DX doesnt have’m thats not an option either. So should I buy this HD2010 at DX or buy something else? I’ve got a Convoy M2 and a Darth on the way. I’d like to get the xin TD C8 and a good HD2010. Beyond that time will tell. So if no on the HD2010 at DX I’m open to other suggestions.


P.S. boy I can feel me stepping in it asking others to help me spend my monies :stuck_out_tongue:

Fasttech and 5% off Coupon BLF


If it is one of the ‘bad’ ones its still well worth $16.

For that price you can throw a stacked nanjg up in there and have a fantasticly driven light.

… Or you can give me the $20 code and Ill get it. :wink:

Again total newb here. I don’t even know what a stacked nanjg is yet :P. I wanted to get a few good unmodded working units in my possion and start experimenting with something like this or something in that realm atleast before diving into my working units.

P.S. boy I can feel me stepping in it asking others to help me spend my monies :stuck_out_tongue:

Brother you ain’t even lyin’. You just stepped in knee deep! J/K. Just like unknown said, with a $20 coupon from Dx you can’t go wrong buying one from them and welcome to the forum.

Ah I missed that. I’m pretty new to modding as well. I found the wide and short pill of the hd2010 really easy to work with apart from the glue under the star. The tall skinny pills I found to be a bit of a pita. I don’t have a 501 or 502, but I’ve been thinking about it as an inexpensive customizable piece.

I bought my HD2010 from T mart and it was an excellent buy! My 0.02 :slight_smile:

Ahh sneaky, dang fine print gets me everytime… $20 gift card (but) min. $100 purch req’d. what a scam :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like you need to get 3 hd2010’s then :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a FandyFire HD2010 and it’s an excellent light, very well made, good driver but mine didn’t come from DX, I believe lightmalls.com. Have both FandyFire and TangsFire and both are excellent. It all depends on timing, some sellers will sell a good one for a while and then start selling one with a bad driver. This happen at Fasttech a while back.


Something like 6 people already bought that ~1 week ago didn’t they? I probably will too once the early adopters give their opinions, as it’s pretty well my ideal flashlight. thick handle, giant head, XM-L2 U2, and side switch? Yes please.

It’s pretty much a larger scale, upgraded version of the HD2010, with a side switch.

That is a bit sneaky ...

Dx generally doesn't sell a lot of really cheap clone crap .

I'd say they generally sell pretty straight forward lights .....like tom petty says about dx ...."the waiting is the hardest part "