Putting a H2C in a C8s host?

I plan to drive a 12v xhp70 and some Chinese doppelganger that also runs on 12v.

I have ordered a C8s host which it says accepts 20.8mm driver, but it has yet to arrive.

Now I currently having a few H2C with me, but it’s 22mm driver. Has anyone try to fit one of these in? How much sanding needed to fit this in?

You may fit the driver with some sanding but the problem could be with the driver retaining ring, if it’s too thick it can short the components on the edge of the driver. I have burnt several boost drivers while trying to fit them into convoy C8.

I built thorfire c8s with XHP35. I destroyed one driver. Second driver I carefully wrapped in capton tape first. Works like a charm.

I might just cover the whole thing in hot melt. Just to be sure you are talking about H2-C driver you destroyed, right?

Yes, H2-C. But there were different revisions of H2-C with different components layout on spring side, as far as I can remember.

Which side do I have to be more worried about?

The top side or the spring side?

Did same thing while fitting into Convoy L2. After destroying first piece I gave it up. The outter contact ring around driver becomes too thin. Furthermore the collar ring inside the driver socket did make contact to some chip on the driver which could be additional reason of my epic fail.

If top side is covered with capton tape, nothing bad should happen.
During tightening retaining ring look out for components near the edge of the driver, it’s easy to destroy them.

Here’s the backside of the driver

Would anyone mind sharing the view of the driver socket?

My host has now arrived.

I decided to paint the top side of the circuit with a few layers of nail polish. Hope it will last long enough to get the testing done.