Q-LITE vs NANJG Drivers?

What are the differences?

The qlite is a Nanjg 105C driver, with 380mA chips and the qlite FW. It is mostly the qlite FW that makes it "special" out of the box. If you're planning on flashing firmware anyways then there isn't a bit of difference.

ok thanks for the information on your website I can order that Nanjg at one point 04 amps which will be perfect for the XPE2 build. so that driver and 17 millimeter and the xpe2 in the convoy c8 host should pair perfectly decimal point. So it looks like I’m ordering the driver and the host from you today

You should really reflow the xpe2 to a noctigon or sinkpad.

At only 1A a regular aluminum star w/dielectric layer will be fine.