Q8 modding

:smiley: Tell me about it!

I had to use a chopstick to press the switch on the center Q8! I’m still seeing spots…

Have you switched them together into strobe mode? :slight_smile:

You are one crazy person goshdogit. One is bright let alone seven together. :laughing:

Does somebody know the length of the tail PCB screws?

I’ve read they are m2.5 5mm long. I bought 10mm long brass screwsand plan on cutting them down

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Driver: M2.5×4mm *2 pcs
Tail pcb: M2.5×5mm *4 pcs
Reflector: M4×10mm *1 pc
MCPCB: M2.5×10mm *2 pcs

Thank you! Just ordered M2.5×6mm brass screws because the modification I have in mind will need slightly longer screws.

Is there a quad Nichia 219B version of this light? Or just a quad Nichia 219B mcpcb?

you can reflow the XP-L Emitters and change them to 219B or 219C. Its the same LED-Footprint.

So I replace the standard LEDs with 4 of” these”:Nichia 219C D240 4000K - Bare LED - 90+ CRI?

Best place to buy? I’m in Europe (most of the time)

BTW any discount codes?


Member clemence’s shop is the best source for high CRI Nichias. Ships worldwide.

Thanks, ordered 5.

Will any type of solder paste do? Or is there a special types for hot leds?

TomE would you please check your PMs. It’s been over 11 weeks since your last response indicating you were finished modifying my q8. Thanks in advance

May I introduce BLF Q8 Janus:

2 Heads, one white, one with red, green, blue and amber LEDs, heads and color LEDs individually controllable.

The modified MCPCB with XP-E2 color LEDs, and my driver which is used in both heads. In the white head populated with FET + 7135, in the color head populated with 4 x 7135 for each LED. MCU is Attiny 841. Full ramping UI of course. The reflector bottom had to be grinded a bit to make room for the outer LED wire pad. Reversed MCPCB polarity (batt+ at the outer trace to keep grinding at a minimum).

Cut a solid 6mm brass rod and soldered a spring on one end in order to bring batt+ to the rear head. Used tape to isolate the rod and drilled a hole in the tail PCB.

The threads at the rear end of the battery tube are too short to reach the driver board so I made cut outs (for the PCB screws) to a copper ring and put this ring above the PCB.

Btw., this is how I program my Q8 drivers:

Excellent work! I love it! :heart_eyes:


UV might been also a good 4. color

What MCU are you using?

That is very impressive Flashy Mike!!! :+1: … :beer: