4000 Lumens from soda can light?

Well with the right construction 1300 lumens x4 is the idea (but does that make 5200?).

Let me recycle the post I just placed in “what you got today”
Ordered a diffuser for a DSL flash
It looked like I could mod it to fit a SRK and make it useable as camping/table light.
It came today
And, no modding needed, it fits over the Uniquefire 1401 and SRK as it is.

It comes with three pieces to use at the top, a hard plastic shiney and two soft plastic, white and orange.

I think I will spray paint the orange silver to have more light out of the sides and get rid of this:

(lol at the blue tint the LBs in the SRK it is put on gives it)

My M6 (SRK style) with three XM-L2 U3 2A's does 5000 lumens . I would expect less from a high CRI 4 LED SRK. 2A tint is considered cool white.

wow 5000 lumens? how fast it get hot?
all of my flashlight wont touch more than 3000 lumens at best because it will be to hot to handle

I would definately be in for the DavidEF’s AA Mini SRK on XPLs.

Since I have a perfectly usable “old” UV-S5, I’ll see were this goes.

5000+ lumen would make it a nice light for the pricepoint though…

The amazement about the UV-S5 is what got me into thiss mess by the way. .
Guess this groupbuy is gonna make a lot of folks lose a lot of money and spare time. :smiley: :beer:

I’m in as long the price range holds and the emitter color is not cw

+1 on dropping the lanyard (never use these on large lights anyway) and adding a simple clip-on diffuser and/or a detachable grip like on the Roche M170


I’m in.

You may get more participants if there was option to choose between nichia or xml2/xpl or my personal choice xplHI.

I think more people will opt for the more lumens and throw versus the tint of nichia.

Just a thought. Maybe shoot it out there miller.

add me
but I would really like it to be compatible with flat top cell, like on the Roche M170 with an adapter.

I’m in

For the more non DIY folks who are barely hanging on to the discussion on specs, should we also talk about an actual performance goal? Lumens, beam width, distances, runtime, etc… I think it’s awesome to just throw a bunch of cool parts together and see what happens, but a consensus on what we actually want it to do will help drive the specs a little more accurately, yes?

How about, “illuminate a football field from the 15th row with enough light to play by for 2 hrs”. I’m still learning, be gentle.

In any case, put me down for 1.

New breed of SRK?

add me to the list

In for one.

Note that a good AR coated lens doesn’t cause a noticeable tint shift. There are a lot of lenses out there that are coated, but only AR for red, but quite reflective for blue, which causes the tint shift.

add me. Thanks

Ditch the lanyard, agree update op later

Well ideally we have a choice between a couple of emitters but indeed going for the Cree HI seems a better choice if only 1 led is to be chosen. Maybe that would make two tint options easier.

This depends on the production side. And well a PM informing Thorfire what a SRK is was just send today.

We are early in the process and saying yes does not lock one, bit it sure gives a good idea that stepping into this project as manufacturer is a good plan, so thanks for the many interest posts!

I’d be interested.

hmmm, a nut to attach it to a tripod was mentioned before.
adding that would also make attaching a handle easier besides being usefull.
Good idea?

handle so you don’t burn your hand as quick :smiley: