Maintaining the low price needs to be paramount to it being a successful group buy in terms of numbers.

Yes agree!
It would be cool if charging could be done and keep the pricing.
Same with the tripod nut.
Always good to have something to give a party one is negotiating with.

Add me for 1 please.

I’d prefer no internal charging, spend budget on better quality/driver/emitters. Internal charging I wouldn’t use, it can cause issues (was it supfire that had major issues?) and adds to cost. Power bank is a better idea but not much, keep it simple, just a great flashlight :wink:

I’m in.

please add me to the list

I’m interested as well.


- handle, nut for tripod

- lanyard

- internal charging

- AR coated lens

- tailcap button

- any odd accessories like colorful manual, gift box, spare lenses, etc (except o-rings)

  • ???


- good design for better cooling (led shelf integrated into body)

- moonlight + turbo (3-4+ kLm for just few minutes until stepdown)

- srk like size and weight

- DTP star

- neutral tint (not the cold one)

  • ???


  • a lot of flood light, 3 (Low-Mid-Hi) modes (+moonlight, +turbo, hidden strob).

Just as an idea: what if use 3*xhp35/xhp50 instead of 4*XP-L(xm-l, 219c) ?
Will it increase price a lot ?

As for miniSRK…
instead of 4*14500 in parallel won’t it be better to apply for 1*26650? 1.5cm longer…

Good list you made there!

Definitely an interesting idea.
But the xhp35 and xhp50 are higher voltage LEDs so in order to get it to work the batteries needs te be in series instead of parallel.
And most guys don’t like a 4s setup.
Also don’t forget it will probably increase price.

Count me in, but if we have advantage of 3-4 batteries then i prefer having something like mt-g2 or 6*219c. I also prefer neutral colored leds instead of xp-l

my chinesee srk clone uses 3*xm-l2 in parallel and 4*18650 in parallel
roche m170 uses 3*xm-l2 in series and 4*18650 in parallel (LD35 -stock driver from roche m170 designed for 3*XM-L2 in series ~$10 in GB store.)

from cree site:

  • XM-L2 - Typical Forward Voltage 2.85 V @ 700 mA
  • XP-L Typical Forward Voltage 2.95 V @ 1.05 A
  • XHP35 Typical Forward Voltage 11.3 V @ 350 mA
  • XHP50 Typical Forward Voltage 5.75 V White @ 1400 mA (6 V) or 11.5 V White @ 700 mA (12 V)

I ’m not sure about the original idea but if we are to use 4*xp-l in series (i.e. forward voltage 2.95 * 4 = 11.8V) it is almost the same as if we use 3 * xhp35 in parallel.

to put all in a nutshell - we can use “s” or “p” for 18650 . all depends on driver :slight_smile:

I’m in, thanks for putting this together!

In for four!

All true, but going to a non-standard series cell arrangement is probably more $$$. If a boost driver is needed, than the high amps is not going to be easy or cheap.
Really hope we stay on course here - 4 regular 3-4v LED’s (219C, XP-L, XM-L2, etc.), 4 parallel cells: simply, a few LED options, up to 5+K lumens, maybe up to 3.5-4K using 219C’s.

Of course doing the math on the high voltage LED costs probably rules them out from the start. Qty 4 LED’s on copper per light, goal of the light being $40 shipped.

Didn’t know that the m170 has a boost driver.
But still, if the driver puts out 3A (which is pretty high for a boost driver) then its only 1A per led using 3 xhp35 in parallel.
If you use 4 18650 in series and use a buck driver you might get 9A in total or 3A per led.
That is really a big difference.

yea put me down for one please and if you need help let me know? I have connections at gearbest if you need it.

1A per xhp35 is already 1625lm.
*3led = 4875lm.
1A is for turbo only, imo.

do not mind having 4*xp-l :slight_smile:
just curious how much it will cost additionally to have 3*xhp35. more efficiency at lower current.

I’m in.
Thank you.

Yes 4 x regular emitters
Cells in parallel.
But with the integrated shelf and good threading nothing is stopping people to mod it into a XHP, cells series light :wink:

That is great, thanks!

If the older reviews of the SRK are read the 4 emitter is favorite in terms of flood vs throw.

Also it has a nice symmetry, 4 cells, 4 emitters.
Hopefully somebody will mod it into a NW/R/G/B light.

So I can’t wait to see the mods on this thing
Multi color
Man oh man this should be entertainment!