Yes 4 x regular emitters
Cells in parallel.
But with the integrated shelf and good threading nothing is stopping people to mod it into a XHP, cells series light :wink:

That is great, thanks!

If the older reviews of the SRK are read the 4 emitter is favorite in terms of flood vs throw.

Also it has a nice symmetry, 4 cells, 4 emitters.
Hopefully somebody will mod it into a NW/R/G/B light.

So I can’t wait to see the mods on this thing
Multi color
Man oh man this should be entertainment!

You could always ask Solarstorm if they want to build the light if you cant find a company?

I have a solarstorm T4 i like it. I asked them questions and they are always friendly and happy to help…

Please add me to the interest list. Thanks.

Haha, no I don’t think this is a feasible option for this GB.
Goes on my long term to-do mod list :wink:

That BD01 charging option looks really nice. The rest of the light not so much… Thanks for the link!

yep, I`m in.

Could you PM me the details, they have soda/soup can lights and Thorfire has not responded after the pm with details of this group buy.

Do you mind me asking who you have been in contact with at Thorfire ?
They have an employee who is on this forum named Barry but my communications with them via email have always been answered by someone called Celine, who TBF is very helpful.
Also remember that due to the time difference Thorfires replies will be arrive in the middle of night here (think they are 8 hours ahead of me here in the UK).
I did once actually stay up till about 4am & was able to message Celine via email with virtually instant replies from her.
BTW with regards to the light I would keep it simple ie no onboard cell charging, no power bank facility etc.
Have you given them an expected number of units for the GB ?

Yeah via pm, got reply after two days, signed by somebody else then Barry.
Please pm email address of Celine.

Edit sorry Bella-Headlight and everydaysurvivalgear I will send you a pm instead of asking you to send me one, impolite of me to do so.

I am in for one with Nichia or warm tint.

I’m in for one

What are we up to order wise now 120 ?
Would it be worth getting CPF Italia onboard like the Cometa buy (may be contact Cyberscudo) ?
I would imagine that that would allow at least 250 orders to be generated minimum ?
There has always seemed to be a good deal of interest in getting a good quality SRK style light & at the spec & price point suggested I think interest will be high.

Oh we are just in the starting phase and already so much interest!
When a manufacterer is found and we have a clear idea how it is going surely more will follow.
Is we get stuck further down the road in terms of interest yes posting on other fora is a good plan.
For now I’d say we keep it to ourselves while still discussing specs and features.

I’m in. Add me to the list please.

I’m in.

Sounds good, I’m in.

i am in for one, NW if is possible

I am in for one. Add me to the list please.
I must add that I also prefer XPL-Hi…

Add me to the list of those interested.

All depends on final price and specs but I’m definitely interested.

Was only looking at SRK’s last night but don’t really trust any of the sellers I was seeing so love the idea of a reputable option coming up!

I also want one with XP-L HI cw