THX for the update.

I am so looking forward to get my hands on this sucker, i am getting the batteries for it next week that’s how ready i am.

Lucky J-Dub74! I’m looking forward to what he has to write.

Well to be honest I am a bit jealous at J-Dub74 :wink:
It is all pictures and in depth reports from Tom (great and thanks you make it almost like touching man!) for me as well… And now that there is a proto so close to what we aim for…dang I wish I could play with it so much!

But that is a pitfall, we work on it for so long, I have read Narsil documentation so often, we are not objective and, how to put it, know how it works, an outsider doesn’t have that.

Me too, but i have other areas where i do beta testing and helping beat on new products, so i will not be the one volunteering here to beat on the new flashlight.

But i do hope it get knocked out of the park soon, and land in a production facility :sunglasses: but i will wait until it is good to go.

Besides its easy when you can just load up a new firmware, that you cant do as easy on a flashlight as on a camera.

i am looking forward to the review and hope for a GO!

Yeah and well this is the stage we got to keep it cool
A video with droptest and samples as agreed upon are needed before we can give the go

It is very welcome to see how J-Dub74 is doing with proto V2 modified to closely resemble specs for sure

And if I am not mistaken Barry is holding the samples this weekend
He showed some pics (looking good) and a wall beam shot in sweet NW tint so it is looking great bit as always, it is done when it is done :wink:

Well, thanks to The Miller…at least there’s no pressure. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I received the prototype Q8 yesterday. I must admit I found it very difficult not to leave work early to get my hands on it. This has been an exciting project from the start. The post count per day has been quite difficult to keep up with.

My time was quite limited last night but I did fit in some Q8 play time. In summary…Wow is this thing sweet!

When I first took it out of the box I intentionally put myself in flashlight noob mode to see what the uninitiated will think. I click it on and it’s quite dim. I click it again to bump up the power and it just shuts off. What the heck man, mine’s a dud! :smiley: That reaction even from a total noob will be put to rest as soon as they bother to look at the manual but you can be sure it will happen.

That little scenario aside, if the finished product matches this prototype, this soda-can flashlight just might take the flashlight world by storm. Noobs shouldn’t be using this light anyway. :wink:

This is my first experience with Narsil. The ramping works beautifully and the blip at the top of the ramp is perfect to let you know you’re at the max. I think I’m going to like Narsil a LOT! I’m also really impressed with the build quality I’m seeing here. It’s quite heavy for its size and I mean that as a compliment. All of my best performing lights have a bit of weight to them.

I remember thinking that I wished it had an OP reflector while the team was conceptualizing it. I held my tongue though as I’m not involved in this project. Now that I can see the beam for myself I would have probably had to take back those words had I voiced them. This beam is quite gorgeous and much throwier than I expected. It definitely does get warm quickly in turbo but I haven’t had a full 3 minute run yet where it should step down so as of yet I have no comment on heat or step-down other than what I said.

I’ll try to do some more playing outside tonight. I have all the cells for my L6 and Q8 fully charged and ready to go. I know they are very different lights but they’re also the two brightest in my collection. I’m looking forward to this fight. Not sure which Rocky movie analogy applies here but it’s gonna be fun!

Hat’s off to the Q8 team! This certainly looks like it’s going to be a stellar example of what can happen when BLF people come together and a manufacturer is willing to bring our collective ideas “to light”. :+1:

Well said J-Dub, nicely played.

Now get busy and give us some more! :stuck_out_tongue:

@The Miller
I want to ask if there is maybee a plan for a BLF Ultimate aspherical flashlight after the Q8 is finished?

Glad general impression is positive!
Good how you describe first use for somebody not having read how Narsil works, indeed we can expect some posts about it, will add a few lines to the top of Narsil post about it.

Do you recall the “noob mode” results for the BLF-A6?

It’s almost like the UI was specifically engineered to make first-time users blind themselves.
What kind of idiot designed that thing, anyway?

The answer to that, TK, is obvious…… a Highly Intelligent Beauty designed that A6/Bistro/Biscotti firmware to do a sophisticated job beyond the mere mortal. :wink:

Edit: Might I add that it is highly entertaining to watch, handing one of these off to a noob? :smiley:

Fixed it for ya!

Wait a minute, Prototype #4 is done The Miller?

I bolded the interesting parts.

I’ve been patiently waiting, and waiting, and waiting. But I couldn’t take it anymore. (No offense meant to Team Q8.)

These arrived this week. I know there may be a special deal later… but I wanted one matched set, in hand, for when the Q8 arrives.

Sanyo GA 3500mAh 10A Button Top

I’ve also ordered VTC6’s from (naaah i won’t you tell this naughty website!)

Can’t wait :slight_smile:

Well Barry showed pics with some parts and a wall beamshot so we could see the nice NW tint.
I don’t know if the samples are ready (if all is well these would be samples and as production Q8 flashlights hence no prototypes YAY)

This was a very exciting weekend.
J-Dub74 receiving a close to specced Q8 proto and Barry visiting the factory.
Hope to know more tomorrow!

From where!?

It looks like VTC6 will be one the best cells for the Q8, ya?

Hope J-Dub do some video fondling that thing, i got a soft sport for moving pictures.

Meanwhile i am contemplating on how to muck up a flashlight camera for as little money as possible, im thinking one of the little Mobius action cameras retrofitted with a more narrow lens.

I could use my IMX 185 camera, but that’s so light sensitive a single candle light is fine for it, so i figure the less light sensitive Aptina sensor of the Mobius 1 will be fine, at least for any decent sized flashlight.

This is a old flashlight video where i am using the old Innovv C1 camera that’s much like the mobius cameras at least in size, but as i recall it also use the same sensor.
O and the light is from a cheap HID flashlight.