Q8 with led4powers Osram mcpcb

Has anyone modded a Q8 with the led4powers Osram mcpcb? led4power

If so, what do you think of it?

Bonjour a toutes et a tous
Nouveaux sur ce forum et acros de lampes torches je poséde une cinquantaine de lampes de 18 marques différantes et je serais tres heureux de partager cette passion avec tout
les internotes qui parles de ce genre d’articles .
En se momant se suit sur une haikelite mt 40 de 5000k que je trouve trop rose et une autre de6500k trop bleu .
Pour la 5000k demontage complé et panachage des led 2 sst40 + 2 xml 2 u2 dedome . résultat exelent plus de rose et faisceau plus resséré avec + de porté ,aves190kcd
Avec la 6500k demontage et pose de 4 sft40 n5 , je devrai obtenir au moins 300kcd. Je devrais etre au niveau de la truhnite tn40 .


translator = Hello everyone
New to this forum and acros of torches, I have around fifty lamps from 18 different brands and I would be very happy to share this passion with everyone.
internotes that talk about this kind of article.
The next step is a 5000k haikelite mt 40 which I find too pink and another de6500k too blue.
For the 5000k complete disassembly and mixing of leds 2 sst40 + 2 xml 2 u2 dedome. excellent result more pink and more tightened beam with more range, aves190kcd
With the 6500k disassembly and installation of 4 sft40 n5, I should get at least 300kcd. I should be at the level of truhnite tn40.

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hello everyone I’m sorry for the file in French, I promise to do better the next time.
cordially :slight_smile:

Did you order one? That was an interesting find, but now shows out of stock.

:person_facepalming: No, I did not…. :cry:

Welcome, you’re doing just fine.

There was a guy from Charente who went by the name “The Miller” here on BLF. https://budgetlightforum.com/user/17096 He hasn’t been around in a few years. He restored and lives in an old flour mill. He was also the one who led the concept and development of the original Q8

Maybe its for the best. After shipping and code, it cost more than I paid for the entire flashlight!

Yes, that was the reason I did not jump on it. But I have a Q8 sitting here, doing nothing, and that mcpcb could have been a perfect excuse to do something……

Mine got SST40s, had an hour to impress my GF and is now back at doing nothing. Just like yours.

Size and weight makes it soemwhat sluggish. At least it doesn’t need pizza, it is just patiently sitting there on the shelf, waiting for Godot.

At first I thought this was gonna be like “There was a guy from Nantucket…”.

I never knew that about The Miller. Damn, that sounds kewl.

I always wanted to get a live-in job as a lighthouse keeper. Seriously.

Anyhoo, wouldn’t the Osrams be hard enough to aim/center in a 1-up reflector, let alone a 4-up?

I would think that with a “screen” or whatever it is called when a mcpcb is populated with smd’s in an assembly line manner that should not be a problem. Led4power does still have some of the Q8 quad 4040/5050 mcpcb’s on sale, but I don’t want to try reflowing 4 emitters manually. Plus those 4040 osrams are not easy to find as bare led’s.

The Q8 will remain as an interesting, bone stock but with bypassed springs, paperweight on the desk I guess.

Mine sits on the kitchen table with a diffuser and lamp shade on it waiting for a power outage. Freezing rain today BTW. 35 degrees. Another threat of outage comes from all the dead and dying Ash trees falling on the lines when the wind blows.

I should do something like that… Make some wood accessories like I did for an LT1
(previously shown….

I really hate it when trees fall on power lines. Fires often result here in the SW.

Yours looks much classier than mine. :+1:

My Sofirn Q8, with XP-L HIs, has been in a drawer for a few years because I was bored with the stock Narsil configuration and little patience to reprogram it. I guess Anduril is just my preference but I reached out to Tom and he shared some links to videos Jason posted. It's on my dresser now and I even take it out to the greenspaces. I went to Ft Davis, TX this summer and took my XHP50 loaded L2 thinking the floody thrower would be great for the open expanse of west Texas. Well, I wish I would have taken the Q8. It's getting more use, thanks to a little inspiration from the forum!

Not sure what kind of black magic is used to plop a reflector onto a pcb normally, thinking there needs to be some kind of “play” to avoid damage, but that’s exactly what you can’t have with critical-focus emitters like these. Ie, a hole with for each with like zero clearance, and that’s also assuming the absolute perfect amount of solder (enough to make good electrical/thermal contact across the entirety of the pads, while not so much that the emitter “floats” even the slightest bit to get too deep into the reflector hole).

I remember people having issues with crushed corners on emitters, or the emitter being shoved off sideways and cracking, etc., and that was just with the usual Crees.

My actual Q8s are almost shelf queens at this point, but only because of lack of internal charging, whereas my DC7 is right here in front of me, often used because I can turbo it up and get nice ceiling bounce in a pinch, even brighter’n the desk lamp.

Granted, if I need/want lots of oomf in the backyard, I’ll grab my TM03 or now SF47 for something light(er)weight, but before it was always a Q8/DC7, and still will be if I expect to use it quite a while (ie, longer runtime, more thermal mass).

Stencil is the word I could not remember. A stencil overlay is used to apply just the correct amount of solder paste. Then the SMD devices are laid on the paste. With the exact correct amount of solder paste the SMD’s are supposed to position themselves.

Years ago when I was looking at getting a serious home solar power setup I saw the process used to manufacture the boards for the Outback brand of equipment (made in Arlington, WA at the time). A machine placed all the parts as well as the paste. I would think a similar process would be used for the mcpcb’s used in flashlights. Or they could use a hoard of near-sighted people I suppose.

Most components are essentially just dropped on the pads with solder-paste already applied, and they just stick until the IR lamp cooks everything. Some smd chips can get pulled up on one end (“tombstoning”) because of surface tension if there’s even the slightest “imbalance”, though. Point being they usually rely on the components self-centering when floating on the molten solder.

Rarely (usually bulkier components like coils) they use adhesive to stick the component in place. Some sort of red goo kinda like Loctite.

A Cree wouldn’t be too bad with the big chip, but trying that with an Osram… dunno if it can be pulled off reliably.