QCG WP2 II...?

I've ordered a WP2 II charger from Quality China Goods on Ebay.


This doesn't include the car adapter, right?

Is the car adapter just that, an adapter? There's no electronics inside?

Its just an adapter afaik

Yes. The unit operates at 12v. Car out is 12v so no need for electronics. Mains is 110/220 so that needs electronics. Xtar WP2 II is actually a portable (car) charger. The mains needs an adaptor.

Actually car voltage is usually above 12V, when the motor is running it can get up to 15V from the alternator.

I just wanted to make sure the plug didn't have any regulating electronics built in and that the WP2 is capable of accepting car voltage levels as is.

And I guess it can going by your replies :)

Still asked QCG if it can include a car plug, I mean, if other sellers can include the plug for about the same price and QCG = XTAR, they should be able to do that I think.

I can confirm that the WPII doesn't have any external electronics in its included cigarette lighter plug cable. Only a 3AG Fuse, 2A I think it was. Need to read my review again...

I've asked them politely, since I missed the group buy here, if it was possible they include the car adapter still, for the price of $19.99 I payed on Ebay.

Since Xtar = CQG, We'll see what they say...

Alice from QCG was very friendly and informed me within minutes, they will add a car adapter at no additional cost to my package.

What a great service and good company, Xtar and CQG...

In light of the recent raid on bestvaping by Xtar, would you still say that CQG is a safe place to buy Xtar?