Qlite driver not changing modes?

I purchased a qlite 4 modes driver from someone off of here that is 5.8A with 4 stars on it.

It always starts on moon mode, i used this with my XHP70 build. it stopped working, wont change modes light just sits on 500 lumen.

Changed out driver to a 4.4A 22 mode driver from RMM and today i was just changing my mode options and it just sits on 500 lumen BUT the lighed tail switch will change modes...if that makes sense? i added a tailcap light mod from someone and been having trouble making the ligh5t change modes so how i do it is quickly twist the head to change modes because i have no room for resistors inside the tailswitch housing. So if i twist the tailcap 8 times it flickers for the menu and works but the LED does not...wtf is going on did i just fry $40 worth of parts or did the LED go? bare in mind i rarely use this light and it never gets a chance to get super burning hot its a shelf queen and sometimes a EDC just to show how bright it can get...?

if a video is needed to show what i mean ill be happy to make one

What exactly did you do in the tail?

someone here sold me a lighted tailcap board, with two leds and it works awesome except my light does not change modes, so i tried adding a resistor or to between the neg and spring on the tailcap and it didnt work so i found out that i can change modes using the head kinda like the eagletac lights

Sounds like a short when there are no modes and low power for these type of drivers. ground shorts with ground possibly, at least that has been the experience of others.

k let me see if i can find a short from ground between the driver and led

try moving your resistor between the neg and spring on the driver instead of in the tail.

A video might be helpful.

Usually what happen to me too, there is a short from the ground input the cell and the regulated ground which is the output of the driver, typically you don't have any modes at that point on these type of 7135 drivers. Pill makes the short, not necessarily that there is a short because of some extra solder.

RESISTOR GOES FROM POSITIVE SPRING ON DRIVER TO GROUND RING ON DRIVER!!! You’ve shorted the tailcap the way you have it.

there is no resistors at all in line, and there hasent been since i figured out to use the head to change modes.

if i take the switch out of line and use a metal to make the connection between battery and host the light still only sits on one mode.

uh, I don’t follow.

These types of issues are part of the reason I didn’t personally want to sell them separately.

Put the resistor between batt+ and “ground” on the driver and it should be fine.

If I had to guess, I’m betting that shorting the tailcap with the resistor may have damaged the driver, or you need to add the resistor back into the circuit into the proper place. Try putting the resistor where it should be (start with 560 ohms) and see if anything changes.

the light has been working fine since trying the resistors.
It just abruptly stopped changing modes…

Xhp70, so is this a Zener modded Qlite driver with 2 cells in series? Has the lighted tail cap been tried with that? I think it would need different resistors in both the head and tail to work properly.

Honestly I don't think the tailcap works very well with two cells in series. I have been playing with the tailcap with single cell lights tonight and it seems to work OK, works best with single mode lights. Multi mode drivers seem to get a little bitchy with the lighted switch. IL need to change the value of the resistor for the light to glow brighter with single cell host.

So I don't know if these high amp drivers are fried permanently or can be fixed...

I still think it’s a matter of finding the correct resistor value to have on the driver that will make it work with a zener modded driver. I’ll put one together for an XHP70 this week if I can find some time to try and figure out what the setup needs to be.