Qlite flickers and dies on low

Hey guys (and gals ;))
I built my brother a hd2010 with a dedomed xm-l2 and 3 mode qlite driver a couple of weeks ago, and he’s been complaining that it always flickers and shuts off when he switches to low mode. He is going to drop it by in a couple of days for me to fix it, but in the meantime does anyone have an idea what is the problem?

I’m wondering if the batteries are a bit short, or the switch needs tightening. The flickering on low may not be as visible in the brighter modes. It sounds like something is not making solid contact. I’ve had lights that had slight quavers in the beam, and it was usually cured by tightening things up.

You can look for mare info. here https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/20499

I will try that, but I think it is more than just a flickering in all modes. It flickers for a second or two and then turns off, but only in low (not moonlight, btw).

Too much resistance somewhere in the body? Just thinking that if the resistance is too high, perhaps there is not enough juice in moonlight mode to get through it all? Pure guess from my side, don’t know if this even makes sense…

I don’t know, I braided both the tailcap spring and the driver spring that I put on, but I guess you could be right. BTW, this one does not have a moonlight mode, it is the three mode group with a low of around 50-60 mA.

On some lights I get a significant difference in amp draw from tailcap measurements compared to measuring with the pill out and connecting with cables. In my case it has to be the host as both measurements use the driver spring and tailcap spring is eliminated from the picture.

Are you able to test with the pill outside of the host and see if it behaves the same way?

If it flickers in the light, but not out of the light, then it's just ground issues in the pill to head, body to head, or tail cap grounding. In fact, bypass the tail cap first by just using a wire from the battery to the end of the body tube, to see if it is the tail cap, before you tear it all down.

Test the setup outside the light, if it still flickers, go through all your connections and re-solder them all again. If it still flickers outside of the light, then it's probably the Qlite. I have run into this with Qlites before, flickering or loosing the low mode.

I can’t do anything until I have the light in hand, but I will definately try all suggestions and get back to y’all.Thanks for the responses, and keep em coming! :smiley: