QTC Pills

Same here, it seem like some post office has serious issues.
I feel better because I thought that he hate me for destroy his language.

The same happened for me!

Well, this doesn't look to be coincidence. His last message to me was on 1st June stating:

"Some got posted yesterday, the rest I hope to post today.". It might be that last one never happend. Did anyone contact him privately and got some explanation? Did anyone from you guys got any confirmation that he actually post them?

Well i managed to do some transactions with Don in the past and found that is a great person to deal with and also very helpful. His rather toughtfull and non impulsive nature perhaps might look offensive to some but he might investigate this with postal services before any public disclousure.

One possible scenario (since i believe Don was true with his word) is that customs siezed the packages and for pure ignorance decided to eliminate them rather than risking to pass some new undetectable (yet) synthetic drug through or to become the department fools by not knowing what that is. They decided to play it safe and "disintegrated" the goods. I saw pictures of this material and frankly the 1st thing i will think by inspecting such package would be this is something illegal or yet to be classified illegal.

That is very likely to be what happened.

If so he would probably responded to few of my messages in a past months (last sent on 22th Sept. when he showed back on BLF) and confirm he has actually sent the pills, but never got an answer from him. That's weird.

Can't say anthing about it but it does look like Don. He will probably comment after research is being done. I think (may not be true) that he prefers to be silent untill more is known or eventually settled. Probably to not wast energy on pure speculations. Anyone has it's own way to deal with issues. Personally, that's not my style but who em i to judge someone else problem sloving chart method?

Politicians use:

same here, never did receive mine.

I won some on a little contest Don had so my money was refunded and the QTC was the prize.

Pretty courious about what went wrong now. Eventually we will know.

I never got mine either (and I was the first one in this thread). Actually, I forgot all about them for a while, and then remembered, figured it wasn't worth mentioning, and forgot about it again. <shrug>

Wow, no one still got `em?

And everyone will get their money back.

I am ashamed about how long it has taken. I make DX look good for posting times.

I'll refund everything but the postage - I hope to get them all posted within a week.

I finally got the email archive sorted out and readable. After 6 months.

And I'm very, very sorry for messing you all around - it wasn't deliberate but if you haven't received the pills by the end of October please do let me know and I'll do what I can to sort it out.

My behaviour has been unacceptable, so I'll do what I can to sort it out.

Let me know what I can do to sort it out. Post here, not in PMs - everyone needs to know.

And no amount of apologies can sort this out - I am well aware of this.

Well, I have not sent any money yet, but I am still interested. So... are you still selling these?

Don can you show us a pic on how to use these pills?


video and pics

Don, I didn't receive my QTC pills. I still want to get them, but I've moved to another place yesterday, so I'm going to give you my new address. Please send me PM to arrange details.


With all due respect, I'm reasonably sure Don was/is not trying to scam anybody. I'm sure there is some blame on his part (maybe he just got lazy? maybe personal issues), but if this is a scam it would be the least profitable scam I've ever heard of..

In the interest of full disclosure, I tried to purchase some QTC off of Don myself but he never got back to me, but it was a while after the thread had died so I just assumed he was all sold out, so I don't really have any stake in this matter, but from what I've seen on the forums Don is a pretty upstanding guy.

Why can't we all just get along :(

I am still waiting for my 10 pills (since april).

No, but I am still eager to try them out. I trust that Don eventually will find the time to send me some.

Today I finaly got QTC pills from Don. Thank you! It took quite some time, even Chinese are quicker ;-).

It was hard to wait not knowing what's going on. You should just tell us something! We can understand if someone has problems of any kind.

Hope some others have got their pills, too.