QTC - pressure or no pressure?

I just started modding a Minimag in which I want to use QTC. I've already got some ideas.. but I'm undecided on how to use the QTC. When the light is off, should the QTC still have some pressure or is less more in this case? Will it wear out more quickly when its under constant pressure?

Or might there be problems with self-adapting brightness if I let it stay with no pressure when turned off, like.. when you turn the light on, QTC gets compressed. As it had time to fully expand, it might compress more resulting in weird brightness change..

Just some thoughts. Maybe someone got some experience. :)

search under qtc

here's one thread

there is another by Match

My preference is to have it stored with very little or no pressure, in the hopes that it doesn't deform and get worn out too soon. This is just opinion, though... I haven't done any actual testing of this theory.

Look forward to seeing/hearing how the mod goes.

Waiting for my grandpa to do some lathe work. I'm optimistic. :D

Generally no pressure on a QTC unless you want transfer. I eagerly await to see what you and your grandpa come up with!