Question about, and looking for small multi-tool


I’ve gotten a number of small (“mini”?) multi-tools, like the Leatherman SQUIRT, and I noticed that, invariably, the jaws on the pliers are designed such that they don’t meet except at the very tip when they’re closed. I’m not sure if I’m describing that correctly, but if you look at the jaws from the side, and squeeze the pliers shut, the only place the jaws meet is at the tip.

I’ve seen this with several different ones, including a Coast multi-tool that I just got.

Why is that? Is there some reason for that?

Also, does anyone know of a multi-tool, similar in design and about the size of the SQUIRT, but maybe just a little larger, that isn’t designed that way?


I have several old pliers which do not meet at the tip any longer which renders them less usable on thin objects. Perhaps it is an intended design tolerance (+x, -o ) to prevent this and to partially compensate for wear? Mass production tolerances prevent perfection in every piece made, and the common industry practice of aiming for the median value of tolerances almost guarantees that it will never happen.