Question about different voltage of battery

Can I know the different between 3.6v and 3.7v 16340 battery? I have 2x Trustfire 3.7v battery. Can I use them on a 9V xenon light bulb?
I just killed my LED drop in by powering it with 2x 3.7v batteries. Is the voltage too high for it or should I use 2x 3.6v batteries but not 2x 3.7v.
What I know is, the max working voltage for the LED drop in is just 4.2v… I hope the 9V xenon bulb won’t killed by them.

I already answered you in your other thread. The Xenon drop-in should be fine.

Additionally, 3.6V batteries and 3.7V batteries are both 4.2V batteries when they’re fully charged. There’s no difference between them other than what the manufacturer decides to consider their “Typical” voltage.


Ok, with your words, I’m good to go! :wink: