Question about DinoDirect coupons

I want to buy in DinoDirect, with a discount coupon, but when I try to pay with paypal, it shows me the original price.

Is it right? Will they return me the money later? If so, when?

It's not ok.

When you apply your coupon, select "Secure Checkout". If this doesn't help, try a few times. Finally it should show the proper, discounted price at Paypal. Do not pay, when you see full price, because you won't get any refund for that.

Oh! Thank you very much.

Now I can breathe.. I've pulled the trigger for my TK45, the flashlight of my dreams. For 76 USD...

Congrats....light is a bit old but nevertheless an interesting conversation starter piece and superb excellent price!

Yes I know, the leds are not fully powered, there are a lot with XM-L with further throw and brighter, a lot who use 18650 (which I have), but none of them LOOKS LIKE A MINIGUN. This model is unique.

This bought was more emotional than rational. I've been in love with this light since it was announced, but I always found it at more than 120usd.

I own TK45 and while it's almost a pure flooder, it a very good hiking and general purpose light. Well made, very easy and convenient UI, excellent mode spacing, current controlled circuit with great runtimes, etc. Fenix did a good job on it.

Among of ~30 premium lights I own, there are only few that I wouldn't want to part out with. TK45 is one of them.