question about manafont generic t6 drop in

i just got my generic t6 drop in from manafont. it puts out a hell of a lot more light than an xr-e but there is almost no focused beam(hot spot). it seems to just flood the hell out of anything i shine it on. it came with an op reflector that is made for an xr-e emitter and the reflector just sits on top of the emitter base. is the reflector just not shimmed properly or something? how am i able to adjust the beam so i get some throw out of this drop in? at present, it just lights up the whole area upto about 100ft and thats it. i know it doesn't throw as far as say a q5, but i expected more than i'm getting now.



anyone? my thinking is it should have a reflector made for that type emitter. plain reflector instead of op wouldn't hurt either.

Since XM-L has a larger die, you might have less throw than a XR-E.

When I compare my different P60 drop-ins, my XP-G Drop ins has a tighter, more visible hotspot, but in my opinion the XM-L dropins has about the same performance but also adds the flood.

Try unscrewing the reflector, also you could get a smooth reflector for more throw.

thats just it, there isn't much if any focused beam. it's all flood. i'm assuming that with the reflector supplied with this drop in, i am not able to get enough of the emitter into the reflector to focus the beam.

+1. Just got some 18650s & went out to play with the UF504 & SFL2P. Range seems about the same but lights up the rest of the world out to the sides.