Question about my new Olight s1r turbo s

Having seen a lot about this light and my clone the on the road m3 breaking at the switch I have just bought the olight. I have a couple of questions about the ui. Everything I have read says that there is direct access to turbo, I presume from on and off. From on I double click and get turbo. From off I double click and the light comes on in the last mode used and then goes to turbo. Is this how it should perform. Secondly it should have memory mode for turbo and turbo s yes?. Not on mine it comes on in high whatever I do. Have a got a did? Can anyone please advise.

About S1R Turbo”S” interface:

1.- 2 fast click from off or from on, for go to Turbo mode (600 lumens), and when you are in Turbo 2 fast click again for go to Turbo “S” (900 lumens).

2.- Turbo and Turbo S and High mode have memory only for 10 minutes. If you turn on after 10 minutes, you go to medium mode.

my review is in spanish: review S1R turbo S

That is what I thought. Mine does not do that, as I have said with a quick double click it comes on and then goes into turbo. As for turbo memory there is none at all. I put it in turbo, turn it off and it comes back on in whichever mode was last in memory.