question for experts: unprotected 18650...

hi, guys, i have only one set of protected 18650 for my TM11 and i have a dozen of unprotected Panasonic CGR18650CG which i only use in zebra sc600 because it has it’s own cutoff 2.8V electronic…i will do some backpacking/hiking after new year and i don’t think there is enough time to get another set of protected cells so i made adapter springs (5mm) in order to make the unprotected cells to work in TM11 (i tried it with only one cell and it works on all levels and no cell heating was detected (i guess that is because these CGR cells are capable of supplying high amps…i’m no expert on this) and my question is what will happen if i put 4 unprotected cells in TM11 and use it, i can check voltage by unscrewing the body and screwing it back (and it will flash for example 3times then pause then flash 7times meaning 3.7V) but how will i know that it aplies to all 4 cells? what is the worst that can happen ? any suggestions on this?

Cells are in parallel, that means that all 4 will have the same voltage.

Active "lock-out mode" in order to avoid that the light can be accidentally turned on when you are not using it.

Change batteries when light tells you to or make sure it does not come to that..

In a light like the TM11 or SRK, all 4 positive poles are connected together by the driver's contact ring, and the 4 negative poles are connected by the spring plate in the tail. They will all be balanced, even if the head is loosened and locked out, the only thing that does is break the ground connection to the driver.

What that means is that you have to make sure you don't ever accidentally drop in 3 fresh cells and one flat one... because the flat one will be charged by the other 3, possibly at a high enough current that Bad Things could happen.