Question for skillhunt M150 / 200 / 300 owners

I am very interested in the above skillhunt lights, however, I work in a steel fabricator and if there are magnets on the light I WILL end up with a pocket full of grinding dust. No fun. Question is it looks like all of the above lights you can remove the tail cap magnet. But is the magnetic charging area magnetic on the charger, or on the light?

I have an M150. The charging cable AND the charging pad on the side of the light are magnetic.

Ah, bummer, but exactly what I needed to know. Thanks!

I have the same problem, I love the M150, but hate that it has magnetic components. The magnet can be taken out of the tail but that still leaves the charging pad area magnetized. Anyone know if you can remove the magnetic part of the charging pad without damaging the light? Would a demagnetizer be powerful enough to disable it?

Edit: I read that you can demagnetize by heating past the Curie point. Heating the charging pad area with a candle might demagnetize it.

Heat will probably be the best option. Boil the light a few minutes and the magnet will die.

Small butane torch on lowest setting, or if you have a powerful soldering iron, use a wider tip and crank it up, hold it on there for a minute or two. It doesn’t take much heat to start to lose magnetism but the higher you go the more you will lose permanently. Just be cautious of discoloring the anodizing or damaging other components.