Question for the Flashlight/Torch history buffs. Is this the light issued to the WW2 Horsa glider crew?

Can any WW2 history buffs confirm the identity of this torch for a pal of mine who is a WW2 re-enactor and general collector from that era?

It’s design looks a lot older but with wartime shortages anything is possible.

There are a lot of English aviation people on PPRUNE who are into history, register and ask there in the non-pilots forum, and perhaps in the military forum where they will understand why you posted there. Non-aviation people tend to get a little beat-up for posting in the Pilot’s forums, just a head’s up. But generally they are nice and helpful people there with a few exceptions.


Not sure, but try contacting these people museum of army flying they might be able to help.

Whatever it is, that’s old and appears genuine. And very cool! I love old lights.

Think I spend more time ogling old crusty lights on ebay than I do anything new. It’s just so dicey to bid, but I’ve scored a couple neat ones for pretty cheap.

Good luck with your research. Let us know what you find!