Question For You Pros

Is this the light that everyone is raving about that is a steal for the money and super bright? I want to make sure I get the right one. Thanks guys. I appreciate all your help. I love this place. I really enjoy reading you guys posts here. Man you guys are the flashlight scientists! LOL!

4 of the photos seem to be directly taken from Kaidomain. Most of Kaidomain photos have high contrast.

That one seem to be driven quite low, 710mA.

If you want a bright thrower light, just save a bit more and bite the bullet, spend $46 to get the Fandyfire STL-V6 on DX and never look back. Anything more and it'd be a Dereelight DBS aspheric XR-E 1.5A @ $78.

Fandyfire STL-V6 vs C8/U80/Keygos/whatever you call it... (ok ok, in the pic it's my 1-cell U80 @ 2.6-2.7A but it's really more in reality due to DMM voltage drop). STL-V6 is the brighter spot.

At 50m measurement distance, it got 50k exactly. And it's on that DX meter which i have compared with others and it under-reads quite a bit.


Nice one !

The recommended flashlight too.

about this light too with the orange peel reflector will it be more floodflood.gif then throw

I have enough throwersbaseball.gif I want a single led for flood

and I already have fandyfire STL V6 so should I save my money and look else were?smilie_sonst_027.gif

@ ILIKEFLASHLIGHTS this is the one there raving about smiley_dance14.gif

It's not like going from thrower to flooder just by changing the reflector.

But hey you can buy whichever C8 you want and then buy another reflector for $3.89


Yeah but the KD already comes with a op reflector so how will the beam be diffrent vs smooth

anyone have outside shots with KD op reflector

When I said whichever, that is Manafont included, all SMOs there.

ok I got it think_smiley_42.gif