question re brand removal

I’m working on a prototype light [edit: or maybe I should say mod intended to be far enough from the original to warrant a new name] and want to remove the original manufacturer’s name and deceptive led info without damaging the anodizing. It was an u**fire claiming to have a cree q5 but actually contained a latticebright. Decent host but I’d rather remove the original brand and use my own.

If the host has been laser engraved then even when you remove the color it will be present underneath. The only alternative is to see if Ceramakote would work but I do not remember who it was that was doing it here. I think it was n10sivern

I should have been more specific. I was referring to the white text used on typical u**fire products.

Run your fingernail over the text. Laser engraved cuts into the anodizing. If your nail does not catch on the text at all then it might be paint. Try 100% acetone nail polish remover. But on most flashlights it’s engraved. And often it’s deep enough that it can remain visible even if you re-anodize it.

Do you have a link to your light?

Just about all lights from China are laser engraved. What you are seeing is raw aluminum where the anodizing has been removed. Even if you remove all the anodizing the name will still be visible in the aluminum.

You buy hundreds of lights, spend thousands of dollars and find a really good one for the money. Hey, I might sell a few and make a few bucks since I did buy hundreds of duds to find a really good light. Now if only I could remove the brand name so they couldn’t just go to Ebay and get one. Been there, done that. Try removing the name with a sanding or grinding wheel on a Dremel or similar tool and touch up the spot with paint. If done nicely it’s still noticeable but not too bad.

Black insulation tape or spray paint :bigsmile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Machine out the lettered area to bare ALU, then stamp or engrave your name in it’s place and fill the new lettering with paint. Won’t be ANO (or black) but will look really good. Alternately you could lightly ‘stipple’ the area and put the new name elsewhere. And if you’re builds are in enough numbers, anodizing could be contracted out in batches and the price might be reasonable. Tons of alternatives if you spend some time thinking about it and that could become your easily and highly recognized ‘trademark’ :wink: