Questions About Malkoff M31 Running on AA's...With a Catch

My goal is to build an AA light around the Malkoff M31 drop-in, but with a catch...I absolutely must have two modes. I'm not keen on the idea of a single-mode light.

Is there any way that you guys can think of to accomplish this? The Malkoff 2xAA Little Twisty is a single-mode, otherwise it'd be perfect for what I want.

the malkoff M31 has the driver sealed with epoxy inside the drop in doesnt it?

A resistor in the switch - simple enough mod if inelegant. See CPF for any number of ways to do this.

I have a generation 4 Surefire L1 (got very cheap years ago) it has a switch that gives full,on a full press and low on a half press. Also gives half and full depending on endcap tightening. I seem to remember someone fitting one of these to a surefire that did p60 hosting.

Probably costs a fortune for one second hand but if you can find out how it was done you might be able to do one yourself

G&P makes a two-stage switch for Incan Surefire lights, but I'm not sure if it will work with the Malkoff's electronics.

Can one not use the Malkoff Hi/Lo ring for this application ?

The 2-stage ring is only for the MD2/3/4 lights (maybe HD and wildcat too, not sure). The MD3 (with a sleeve inside) with the 2-stage ring would do what you want. Seems like a lot of money to spend on a 2xAA light that's not very compact.