Quick capacity test Soshine 18350 1000mah & Xtar IMR 18350

I picked up two of these from Fasttech: https://www.fasttech.com/p/1812003

They are unprotected flat tops.

Charged to 4.19 volts and discharged at .5 amps on Hobby Charger to 3.0 volts one was 840mah and the other 835mah

They sprang back to approx 3.3 volts a few seconds after the discharge test.

They work in both flashlights I have for 18350s - a NiteCore EC11 and a Convoy S2+ at 1400ma. I added a small magnet to test them in the EC11, and couldn't tell any difference in light output with my eyes.

Convoy S2+ https://www.fasttech.com/p/2222907.

A real 1000mah would have been nice, but they are close in capacity and I've only found one battery to test at it's rated capacity, or slightly above and that was the Soshine 4200mah 26650.

At least they were close together, even if not the rated mah. Not too bad a price anyway, I purchased two of these for another light. Much lower mah, but now I get to use the charger more…

Thanks for the review. Have you any others 18350's?

I have a couple of XTAR IMRs that I'll check now

Thanks. I'm after a battery for my Rey Ti light.

They tested at 816mah and 813mh on the Accucel 6.

They are button top unprotected 850mah

I got them from here https://www.fasttech.com/p/1450113

I ordered some of the SoShine 18350’s for the BLF SE A6 short tubes I am working on getting made. I will test them when I get them for amps on a FET driven S2 I have… Thanks again for the review…