Quick cheap little S41 mod (cosmetic) copper ring

Playing around on the lathe last night and decided to spruce up my beloved S41.
Cut a slice off a 22mm copper plumbing end cap which happens to be the exact size (diameter) of the body so I just turned a little off a spare body I had.
Came out quite well - I left a little gap so the oring could slip back in, which it does, just lol!

Nice, adds a little balance to the copper head :+1:

Nice work :+1: Black and copper looks the shiznit :heart_eyes:

Now with CRX glow ring :wink:


Why are you tempting me with this light? :person_facepalming:

I’ve been holding myself to buy one! Not sure how much I’ll resist :smiley:

Nice mods :wink:

Thanks guys
It’s still my joint favourite light with the fw3a. Has an illuminated tailcap too, one of those cheap ones from bg .

Nice mod G0OSE! It balances the head out nicely. :+1: