quick qlite rev.a driver question about mode stars

I see the specs about percentages but are the stars 1 through 4 going from left to right when they are facing you and in the 7, 6,5,4 o’clock positions? I searched and only found test- not which star is which. thanks in advance and I apologize for te newbie question but you guys seem much more helpful than the “other” forum

Mode groups:

1st Star : 2% - 25% - 100% (Default)

2nd Star : 5% - 30% - 100% - Strobe - Beacon

3rd Star : 15% - 100%

4th Star : 5mA - 2% - 25% - 100%

You select mode groups by making electrical contact between the desired star and the outer ring (ground).

You can connect desired star to ground by ‘drawing’ between the ground ring and the star with an ordinary pencil.

This allows an easier ‘undo’ if you want to change it later.

For Mode 1 you do not have to connect anything

i guess my question is, is star #1 on the left and 4 is on the right? when positioned as the above pic?

and thank you stittsville as I was wondering that too!

I’m trying to decide which mode


thank you very much

That’s why I put the numbered arrows on the above picture.

oops…. I saw the arrows but not the number… I didn’t enlarge on my phone:/
thank you!

You’re welcome.

Picture edited for clarity and future reference.

#1 is permanently connected to ground, it doesn't even go anywhere else on the board (no vias through to the other side). If you look close you can see the trace between the star and the outer ring hiding under the green solder mask.