quick question regarding reflector on a c8 style flashlight.

what do you guys think would give greater flood, a deep orange peeled reflector, or a smooth shallow reflector on the exact same c8 flashlight?

and which one would be brighter or seem brighter if one was to be?

No option for shallow OP?

If not then I would say the shallow SMO will flood more.

But if you want flood, I wouldn’t be looking at a C8.

Shallower one will give a wider flood. OP will smooth out artifacts and rings.

i think there are shallow orange peel reflectors out there. but i was just wanting to know the answer for myself.
i know c8’s arent meant for flood, but i just like them lights. i just like the way they look, feel, single 18650. and they throw just the right amount.

i already have some flood lights such as the king, tk70, roche12, hd2011, modded 2100, and a p60.
now the roche, hd2011, 2100, and p60 are floody enough, but dont throw to my expectations.

which is why i prefer a floody c8. it will throw further, but i know it will have less flood, but it should do, as long as i fine one with a shallow reflector.

Get the c8 upgrade from cngq with op reflector, floody, throwy, smooth beam.


Host for diy choices.

I’ve built one, they go together real well with a nanjg and take both 16 and 20mm stars.

Since reflector depth has only minor influence on throw, the deep OP reflector will flood more than the shallow SMO.

hmm… seems like im getting mixed answers. my thoughts was the same as slim pickens. i thought that a shallower reflector will help out with flood more than orange peeled.

but dr. jones says that depth in reflector does not influence much so orange peel should have more effect.

Check the upgrade link, you can specify op, which I did by mistake, with an xm-l its very floody with good throw too. The op just removes rings tbh. Can you be more specific with what you want? A multi xm-l light will possibly be more floody - three emitters in smaller reflectors, maybe this is the way forward, but a more expensive way. :frowning:

Diffuser film placed on the lense works great to make the C8 a floody light.

What about that diffuser lense being punted about over Christmas? Looked like an old everrready bike light lense?

DrJones, you’re right that depth does not really affect lux much if at all.

However I’ve observed that a shallower reflector results a wider diameter spill beam than a deeper one of the same diameter. Mag LED vs. Incan reflectors exemplify this relationship. The deeper LED reflector forms a broad corona that would manifest as spill when the more shallow Incan reflector is used. So, a shallow+OP reflector would be ideal for widest flood beam from a C8.

Sputter the reflector of your C8 .

Reduce the brightness of the hotspot , smooth out the transition between the hotspot , corona , and spill and make the beam profile smooooooth . Try it .

where replacement reflectors are available? thanks in advance.

KD sells replacement C8 reflectors in SMO or OP.


hey gords, so that c8 upgrade is only $13 for entire light? so that comes with xml, and host, and op reflector, and the pill/driver?

since i didnt want to sputter the lens myself, i bought some diffuser film…thanks, pacecar for that link.

No sorry, $13 for host, $24 for the light completed. Since your talking ten dollars for a driver and emitter, you don’t save anything really just get the fun of building it yourself. I like it though AMD you can specify an op reflector. :slight_smile:

hay gords, i dont see anywhere where i can specify a op reflector?

only on the diy host i seen that option.
obtw, were you the guy that purchased one of the uf v3’s or the uf f15?

and why is this c8 so expensive? both c8’s are $20 and below.

I would have to argue that, LOL. An incan reflector is not made for a LED, so it's not a fair comparison. An incan reflector has a totally different profile so the better test would be with two reflectors of the same diameter, but one shallow and one deep.

I happen to use lots of aluminum replacement reflectors in Maglites and I use a shallow and a deep. The shallow is 29mm deep and the deep one is 47mm deep. The diameter is the same.

I have found that the shallow reflector has a tighter hot spot than the deep one. As far as spill, the shallow reflector also seems to have a larger diameter spill. The deep reflector has a little larger hot spot, but it also seems to be a little brighter hot spot. It also has a smaller diameter spill.

Overall there is not a lot of difference between the two. Less than I imagined there would be. The big difference is with an OP reflector. When I stipple those reflectors, I loose the intensity of the hot spot and the spill dramatically increases in brightness. I like flooders and whenever I want one, I stipple the reflector. An OP reflector is the best choice for flood, unless you want more of the "mule type beam", where it's all one big flood of light and even all round. Then a diffuser would be the cheapest and easiest way to go.

Just my opinion.

Spill is usually the result of direct (unreflected) light from the emitter. A shallow reflector will allow a wider angle of direct emitter light, therefor a wider flood. Deeper reflectors can redirect more light into the spot, with the tradeoff being a narrower flood.
Usually you want a deeper, larger reflector for throwers, and a shallower reflector for flooders. OP can make a deep lens more floody by redirecting some of the reflected light away from the spot, and makes the beam smoother overall (no rings).

Your right sorry, looks like you’d have to build to get op.

It’s expensive because of the parts, the bare host is $13 or so. It is much nicer than your average c8, I don’t have mine to hand but I think it even has anodized threads so you can lock out the tailcap.

I’ll be building another soon I would think, although I’ll be trying to beat the throw on my xp-g2 uf-v3.