Quick Question: XP-G2 R5 1A de-domed OR XP-G2 R5 3C domed???

I am about to put one of those 2 in my favorite tiny light. I intend to run it in the 3A neighborhood. I’m using a 5000K Nichia 219 at the moment that has nice tint, just a little warm from white. The idea behind the de-domed 1A of course is to achieve throw in a small light. But the domed 3C would net more output and possibly better tint.

What says Ye?

2 hours to decision time, it’s 3:21PM Central here as of now.

Heres a dedomed 3C XPG-2 in the middle. The green is not as bad as it looks here. Whitewalling shows it out in its worst state. Edit. 3C XML on the left.

I definitely don’t want to de-dome the 3C! lol

De-domed 1A or domed 3C? Which is closer to white?

I also have become quite fond of the dedomed XP-G2 3C.

A domed 3C is probably more "neutral" but still warmer than a dedomed 1A, I don't find the dedomed XP-G2s to give quite as much "bad" color shift as the XM-L2 1As do sometimes.

The de-domed XP-G2 1A's are real nice - nice neutral, not so yellow/green as the XM-L2's get. I've done a few 1A's de-domed.

- de-domed XP-G2's seem to have a higher Vf, hard to get high amps single cell

- domed XP-G2's are nice in a little light though - lots of lumens, some throw

A de-domed XP-E2 R4 1C is the ultimate for low amps (2.8A or under) throw, I would think. Did my first one last night using a hobby heat gun because I was in a hurry -- it worked out well.


3C domed

or in the future 3D de-domed (if you can find one). Also in the future consider de-domed 4C xml-2 from fasttech, two weeks solid use and cannot fault the tint and good CRI. + its bright as heck.

Reflector has too small an opening and it’s not something I want to mess with on this light.

I got it together with the XP-G2 R5 1A de-domed installed. Figure if it doesn’t prove out it’s easy enough to swap emitters.

Now, mind you, this is a 3” light I wear around my neck, ok? Here it is next to Comfy/RMM’s shortened Convoy S6…

How about 3.03A and 452 Out the Front lumens at 30 seconds? :slight_smile: It’s not as white as I’d like it, especially at Lo around 7 lumens. I’ll play with it tonight and see. Even with the copper, it will definitely heat up some now! :slight_smile:

Wow when you said tiny you certainly meant tiny! Im gonna change my mind that needs to be de-domed, 1A. I reckon the increase in throw will make it seem brighter even tho a few lumens will be lost.