Quick show & tell - Ultrafire BQL-C8

This is probably not what you expected from the thread title...

It's an ultra-low-budget light for 1xAAA in the shape of a miniaturized C8. I paid 5€ for two of them on ebay.

Build quality is ok for the price - some scratches in the anodizing, some scratches in the plastic lens, stiff reverse clicky with orange cap, generic chinese LED. Lanyard is too small to go over my wrist, lol.

Current draw is 150 mA from an eneloop cell (low enough to use them with alkalines). It's too bright at the moment to estimate the output, but it's probably 10 lumens max.

I consider it more of a novelty item for flashaholics, but they should make good handbag lights for your beloved ones or something for the kids to play with.

Have you tried taking it apart. Would be cool to put a better setup in it!


Hmm... it's not that easy to disassemble. I guess they put in the driver from the bezel side and once everything is in, glue it in place.

At least the lens seems to be glued. I wouldn't know how to get it out other than to poke a hole in it and pull it out...

But you're absolutely right, it would be great to have an XP-G in there

I’ve seen a similar UF light some time ago. It took some boiling and strap wrench to open it up but if this is the same host body there’s room for a better emitter & driver. Only point against that is the cost of the upgrade vs. just finding a better AA base light for the same $$.